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Buying a security system is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect your home, family or business. We think there are plenty of reasons to choose LiveSmart Security (like these 14 really good ones). But no matter who you’re considering, use the checklist below to ensure you’re dealing with a fair, dependable company that will leave you satisfied with your decision.

Make sure they are legit and doing business lawfully in your state.

Are they properly licensed?
Many states require security companies to have obtain a proper license, requiring experience in the industry and passing a test for certification. To do business in California, a security company must have a registered license with the CA Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Ask for their state license number and go here to confirm; any company not listed cannot lawfully sell, install or monitor security systems in California.

LiveSmart Security is registered with the state of California, license #ACO6778.
Is the company insured?
The company should be responsible for repairs if any damage occurs on your property when they are installing your home security system.

LiveSmart Security is fully insured against any damage to the property of our customers.
Do they do a thorough background screening before hiring employees?
Every employee of a security company should have a thorough background check since they are entrusted with private property and sensitive security information. In the state of California, the law requires that every security company employee be fingerprinted by the state and registered as an alarm company employee.

Every LiveSmart Security employee is thoroughly screened before hiring, beginning with a Department of Justice fingerprint scan and extending to a comprehensive background check by third-party professionals.

Ensure you'll get high-quality monitoring services from experienced professionals.

Is their monitoring center listed with Underwriters Laboratories?
Do not do business with a company who is not UL-certified; this is the industry standard for providing alarm monitoring services.

LiveSmart Security’s monitoring center is UL-certified per ID #190071-001, and is also one of the few to be ETL-certified, indicating that it is in effective compliance with rigorous operational and safety standards recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
Where is the monitoring facility located?
Is it local, in state or out of state? If the monitoring facility is local, they know the community, what is currently going on in the area and they have a working relationship with the local police and fire departments.

LiveSmart Security’s monitoring center is located in Orange County, California, serving the areas of LA, Orange County and San Diego and enjoying strong partnerships with local authorities for over 30 years.
Are they there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Your security could be breached at any hour of the day or night, so any security company who does not provide 24-hour monitoring services and customer service support every day of the year fails to meet minimum industry standards and should not be considered.

At LiveSmart Security, we watch over your security system 24/7/365. And our customer service department can be reached anytime, day or night, at 1-888-99-SMART [1-888-997-6278].
Does the monitoring center have built-in redundancies for its power, computer and phone lines?
This is critical in the event of a power outage or natural disaster, to ensure they can continue uninterrupted monitoring of your security system at all times.

LiveSmart Security’s monitoring center is built with redundant computer systems and telephone service, as well as uninterruptible power supplies.
Are their operators seasoned professionals?
Call centers of all kinds are known for high employee turnover, leaving many monitoring centers with inexperienced employees. Check to make sure your monitoring center’s operators are well-trained and that the staff has a low rate of attrition.

LiveSmart Security’s monitoring center operators have an average of over seven years with the company, far exceeding industry standards. The center has received SIA (Security Industry Association) and CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association) certifications, indicating that its operators are extensively trained.

Make sure you're getting the right equipment.

Does the company use Underwriters Laboratories (UL-) listed equipment?
Again, this is the industry standard; equipment that is not UL-certified is cause for concern.

LiveSmart Security’s state-of-the-art security equipment is UL-certified.
Do they offer wireless equipment and communication?
Most technology experts agree that land-based telephone lines will be a thing of the past within the next decade. Designing your security system around a soon-to-be obsolete technology can mean additional costs later to modify equipment. Additionally, land line communication is less safe, since intruders can cut a phone line in a matter of seconds to defeat the alarm system. Make sure your security company offers a wireless option that communicates with the monitoring center over cellular radio at a reasonable price. And if you decide to go with a land-line based communications system now, find out from your security company what the costs of switching will be later so that you’re going in with your eyes open.

LiveSmart Security’s leading-edge equipment is 100% wireless. Our wireless control panel and cellular monitoring services are standard features, available at prices competitive with most land-line rates, as we believe everyone should have access to the latest technology and the enhanced security it provides.
Is the system easy to use?
Systems that are difficult to use result in owners using them less, rendering them more exposed to home invasion. They also result in more frequent false alarms, which in many locales means paying fines for tying up community resources unnecessarily. Make sure your security provider shows you what the keypad will look like and how it will be used before you buy. Also, make sure that all users of the system get full training on system usage once it is installed.

LiveSmart Security provides a simple touch-screen interface in plain English that makes using the system easy. We make sure everyone’s comfortable with using it as soon as it’s installed, but still follow up with you thereafter to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
How long does the warranty last and what does it cover?
Many companies offer no warranty, or warranties that last just 30 to 90 days. A longer warranty is a good sign the company is backing up their equipment AND their installation work.

LiveSmart Security will make all repairs and replace parts without cost to you for a period of one year from the date of installation if the system does not operate properly. (This warranty excludes batteries, alarm screens and disposable items.)
Does the company use “proprietary” equipment that only they can install, monitor and service?
If no other company can program your equipment, you are effectively locked into one company’s service for the lifetime of the system. If you experience poor customer service or unexpected price increases, switching companies could mean repurchasing and reinstalling critical system components, or essentially starting over. Ask your security provider directly: If you decide to switch companies later, will another company be able to monitor your system without replacing any equipment?

LiveSmart Security would rather earn your loyalty through outstanding member services than force your hand with proprietary hardware. At the end of the term of our agreement, which can be as short as month-to-month, you’re free to switch monitoring providers (and our equipment will fully cooperate).
Does the system provide "everyday value"?
The top goal of any security system is to help deter theft and notify the authorities in the event of an emergency. But today’s technology allows you to get more from your system. Be sure to explore the various ways a security company can help you get the most out of your security investment.

At LiveSmart Security, our security solutions not only help keep you safe, they also provide the convenience of mobile access, the peace-of-mind that comes from staying connected to family members and visitors, and the energy savings afforded by integrating your thermostat into the system...to name a few.

Ensure your security system is designed with you in mind.

Has the sales representative asked insightful questions about the way you live?
Designing the right system for you requires an understanding of your security needs, lifestyle, risk tolerance, and budget. Do you travel often? Do you have young kids you’re afraid could escape the house into the street? Any pets? Are family members up during the night? Do you use your windows often? Is there a nanny you’d like to check in on? The possibilities are endless, but with a good dialogue about your concerns, needs and lifestyle, a good consultant will help you design the right solution for you.

The first step in a consultation with LiveSmart Security is our proprietary LifePrint survey, where we ask quick questions about your needs, concerns, family, home and lifestyle. The answers to this simple but thorough set of questions help to guide us in our design of the right security solution for you.
Beware the salesperson trying almost too hard to keep your costs down.
You read that right. Not only should you be wary of pushy salespeople who oversell—but also of those who undersell and seem rushed to close a deal. Many small security companies are actually “dealers” who sell your account to larger companies once they have installed the system, so they have an incentive to install as little equipment as possible to keep their costs down, get the job done painlessly, and maximize their profit when they sell your account. The sales and design process should be a collaborative one, where you become educated about your options, get quotes in writing, and make a decision that feels right to you.

At LiveSmart Security, we first learn about your needs, lifestyle and budget—to design the right system for you and provide you with smart, affordable options. This begins with our proprietary LifePrint survey, which ensures your specific needs are guiding our recommendations.
Inquire about hidden fees.
First, lots of companies advertise a low price, but then have “activation” or “setup” fees that are sprung on you late in the process. If you are screening companies over the phone, ask about such fees before you meet with them to avoid surprises. Second, ask about alarm fees imposed by your municipality. Many locales require homeowners to purchase (and renew regularly) an alarm permit to have a functioning system in their home. Additionally, false alarm fees are becoming prevalent in many locales and are typically imposed for each false alarm after the first two or three within a calendar year.

LiveSmart Security charges no activation or setup fees, and our costs are always outlined clearly. If your city requires an alarm permit, we let you know up front, and we even process the required paperwork for you. We also let you know about false alarm fees (prevalent in southern California), and importantly, provide the right equipment and training to avoid them.

Find a partner who's committed to the relationship (not just the contract).

How long is the contractual agreement?
Most security companies require you to sign a contract for two or three years. Some will ask you to commit to an even longer period, which is neither advisable nor necessary. The reason many companies require that you commit to multiple years of service is to recoup their investment in the equipment and labor costs associated with your initial installation, which they have often discounted heavily in order to make the sale. Therefore, you should look at the total cost of the equipment, installation, and monthly services and ensure you are comfortable with the commitment you are making to your security provider.

LiveSmart Security provides various alternatives for establishing the length of your agreement, including the option of a month-to-month contract. Upfront costs vary with each of the plans, but we believe you should be the one determining the tradeoff and choosing the plan that’s right for you.
Will the company let you out of your contract if you move?
Many security companies will hold you liable for the full term of your contract, even if you move and leave your system behind. Be sure to demand a reasonable move policy and get the terms in writing.

LiveSmart Security uses wireless systems that are portable from one residence to another. If you move after one year with us and want to continue your service with LiveSmart, we will move your system to your new residence at no cost. If you move out of state or otherwise choose not to continue your service, you will be released from the remainder of your term.
Does the company sell your contract?
Many of the representatives from well-known security companies are actually not employees of the company at all, but instead are independent dealers. These dealers sell and install your system—only to turn around and sell your account to the big corporation, relinquishing them from further obligation. As such, dealers have little incentive to design your system or train its users so that it serves you well over the long run. Ask any sales representative whether they will retain or sell your contract, and choose a company where the team who is selling and installing your system is responsible for monitoring and delivering customer service, too.

LiveSmart Security considers every customer a member of our safety network, not an account to be sold. Our network was designed to deliver security services, education and resources that you in any way we can, over the long haul.