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14 Things that Set Us Apart
Buying a security system is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect your home, family or business. While there are lots of security companies out there, here are 14 reasons why LiveSmart Security is the smart choice.


Our mission is to help people live safer
and smarter every day.

The safety of your family is our top priority, but while we’re providing the most advanced technology and state-of-the art monitoring to protect you in an emergency, we’re also bringing innovation that gives you day-to-day value from your system in between emergencies, too.

You can ditch the land line (and the painter).

Not only does our wireless technology prevent a severed phone line from defeating your system, but it keeps you from paying for land line technology that is rapidly becoming obsolete. Going wireless also means we’re not ripping up your drywall and creating a mess (or requiring work on your part to repaint walls or conceal wires). And, because wired sensors grow old with time, they can become very expensive to maintain and are particularly difficult to troubleshoot. So a wireless system can help you save on service and repair costs over the long term. Wireless is definitely the way.

Our all-in-one control panel is the easiest
to use on the market.

Some systems are so complicated to use, or so finicky in triggering false alarms, that their owners don’t use them—leaving them unprotected. We provide easy-to-use hardware—with a touch-screen interface in plain English!—that means you don’t need to be a computer programmer to get the most out of your system each and every day.

Your system is guarded by operators
with more experience.

Emergencies require the fast, trained response that we deliver.  Our UL-listed monitoring center responds to alarm signals within seconds.  And we don’t suffer from the employee turnover that standard call centers do—our professionally trained operators have worked at our monitoring center for an average of more than seven years.  Together, they guard your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with unparalleled service.

Unlike many of the big names in security, we don’t disappear after the sale (or sell your account).

When you do business with LiveSmart, the people who sell and install your system are the same team responsible for service and support. We consider you a person, not an “account,” and we don’t “flip your account" to make a quick buck! So we have an incentive to do things right the first time, to ensure you know how to USE your system properly, and in general, to take care of you the best way we can, from day one onward.

No roping you into a contract—you decide the terms.

We’re happy to earn our business every month, so we never force our members into a long-term agreement. It’s true: without a longer term agreement, you’ll have to pay a bit more up front. But we’ve assembled some unique plans that let you choose whether to invest in our top-quality equipment up front and avoid a long-term commitment, or to commit to a longer term agreement and reduce your up-front cost. Because, quite frankly, we think that choice should be yours.

We’re very affordablewith no hidden fees.

We offer a wireless solution with cellular communication because we believe that’s the safest, smartest way to protect your home—and that it should come “standard.” So we ensure that our fully wireless system is competitively priced with (and often beats the price of) what others charge for an inferior system that’s expected to be obsolete in just a few years. And our pricing is always honest and straightforward—you’ll never have “activation fees,” “set-up charges,” or other bogus fees sprung on you at the last minute.

Our advanced wireless security equipment is virtually impossible to defeat.

Unlike 97% of security systems in operation today, your wireless LiveSmart Security system can’t be defeated by cutting your phone line (something that takes no skill and less than 10 seconds with a pair of scissors or wire-cutters to accomplish!).

You’ll stay secure and connected
from virtually anywhere.

LiveSmart Security makes it possible to manage your security system remotely, on any computer or smartphone connected to the internet. This allows you to arm your system remotely (in case you left the house in a hurry), to disarm your system from afar (say, to provide access to housekeepers), to receive a text message when your middle-schooler reaches home safely, or even to check up on a nanny or contractor through remote video viewing. All from wherever you happen to be.

Plus, it does far more than what the
other guys’ hardware does.

Our advanced control panel is not only the easiest to use, but allows for real-time weather updates, two-way voice communication with our monitoring center (no need to pick up the phone), and even the ability for us to access and program your system remotely, so we can handle certain service issues without setting foot in your house.

We can help you be a little greener
...and save a little green.

Our security system is the only affordable all-in-one home security and home control center on the market today. With it, we can link your thermostat to your home security system, enabling your thermostat to automatically adjust to an energy-saving mode when you leave the house. Not only can you expect this one feature to save you more money than it costs, but it can significantly reduce your total system investment.

We help you avoid false alarms
(and false alarm fines.)

While few security companies talk about it, we think you should know that over 95% of police dispatches to alarms are to false alarms. As a result, many of today’s  local police departments assess fines against homeowners for excessive false alarms. At LiveSmart Security, we do everything we can to prevent false alarms from the start (typically caused by poor security design, improper installation, or untrained users). And we’ll pay any false alarm fine that’s caused by an equipment malfunction on our part.

You won’t have to sabotage your home décor.

Look, we don’t expect you to choose your security provider on the basis of how good-looking the hardware is. But we wanted to make clear that just because our equipment can save lives, that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Security companies often don’t show you their hardware until they come to install it—it’s simply not a point of pride. Us? We carry our equipment with us in a pristine case wherever we go...’cause we like to show it off. Our control panel is small with a clean, modern design, and our window and door sensors are very discreet.

We go beyond the security system.

We know that the safety and security of your family extends well beyond a home security system. We call our members “members” instead of “customers” because we view them as a part of something larger—a movement to help them, their families, and their communities to be as safe, secure and connected as possible, through greater awareness, education, and even referral services—stuff we don’t make a penny on. The passion for our purpose is why we entered this business, and it’s why we go above and beyond.